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Hungry chimp is started with one aim, to give control in the hands of the users. With the Hungry Chimp app a user can place an order for a takeaway meal from a nearby or his/her favourite restaurant with just a few taps.

Why Us

There are so many apps that let user place order for food and get it delivered at home or at the office, then why us, why Hungry Chimp?

It is simple:

Because home delivery comes with a price - pay more to get it delivered. And there is still no guarantee that you will get it on time.

Why to wait at a mercy of some delivery guy to deliver the food, when the restaurant is just some blocks away.

What happens when the restaurant has not received your order even though you have placed it through the app and already paid for it - especially when you are having a blast with your friends or family. You are screwed!

You Ordered JAIN food and when it comes to you it turns out that it is not JAIN, it is REGULAR. How smart is that?

Are you sure you still want to call a restaurant and place an order or want to get it done with just a few taps from the Hungry Chimp app? The choice is yours.

We have a list of problems like the ones mentioned above and thus the idea of Hungry Chimp was born and now it is not just an idea, it is a company, a product that is on a mission to shift the power in the hand of the users.

We are here to make things simple, easy and fast.

For Restaurants

Take a Look Inside!

Why team up with Hungry Chimp?

From the inception, we have focused on the problems from both the sides, one side being the users and the other side being the restaurants. So after speaking to a lot of restaurant and cafes we have designed our product that helps not only the users but the restaurants as well.

What the restaurants get?

  • You are already famous in your area, now we are here to make you famous everywhere
  • You do not have to go to customers, customers will come to you
  • Now power failures at your restaurant does not mean you can't take orders and process them, we will do it for you
  • Know your customer for real, the best way to increase brand loyalty
  • Don't worry about your money, we have it properly streamlined for you
  • You can keep track of everything and even if you don't know how to, we are here to help you 24x7 for FREE

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